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购买升降机液压绞车  , 价格 , 图片 升降机液压绞车, 从Henan Fengqi Trade Co., Ltd. 试验液压机设备 在 Allbiz 中国
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购买 升降机液压绞车
Rope speed:0-32m/min
Total displacement:34710ml/r
Difference of working pressures:17.3Mpa
Steel wire diameter:42mm
Rope capacity:140m
Model of hydraulic motor:NAM40-6300D480101
Model of planetary reducer:C7D

China supplier KMJ 7 series 24 ton hydraulic winchh

Product Description


KMJ series hydraulic winch is composed with all sorts of distributors that consist of high pressure shuttle valve formed with one-way balance valve and control brake,NAM type hydraulic motor ,Z brake,C type gear reducer,reel and machine rack,etc.(Please see the diagram for the hydraulic principium).Users only need to configure pump station and change valve.As the winch has valve sets,it not only simplified the hydraulic system,but also enhances the working reliability of the transmission equipments.The hydraulic valve sets of the KMJ winch successfully solves the problem of other general type winch:empty hook vibration and secondary slide during hoisting,so KMJ hydraulic winch works stably during the hoisting and lowering.Besides this,it has same other features:high efficeiency during startup and work,few energy consumption,low noise,beautiful apperance,conpact size and perfect economics.It can be applied in gravity crushing traction equipment,pedrail and automobile crane,pipe hoist machine,grab bucket and the drilling machine that has crushing function. 


Example of model

KMJ6-120-315-30-ZPH indicates:  


The hydraulic winch with planetary reducer modulus of 6 and the pull force of 120KN at the first layer of steel wire rope;The wire capacity of the reel is 315m and the diameter of steel wire rope is ∅30.It has brake and the one way balance valve and the pressure grade is 20Mpa.


Description of model


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